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Living amid a global crisis may make you feel insecure. What can you count on? Will the important people in your life always be there for you? How do you move forward?

It’s hard to live your best life when it's challenging to survive.

Yet, let’s be honest…You may have felt this way long before the pandemic.

A rocky, unfulfilling marriage, parenting problems, an unfaithful spouse, serious illness, a special needs child, professional/job stress had shaken your world. But, as you do, you hung in there. Your peace may have felt almost lost.

But now, but NOW, this is a new day.

At Visionworks Coaching and Counseling, you have a woman of color, like you, who has your back.

Our therapist/coaches work with the entire sisterhood from kids, teens, young women to adults. We specialize in:

  • Marriage and Family Relationships (including High-Conflict Couples, Divorce)
  • Childhood and Adult ADHD
  • Overcoming Anxiety and Depression
  • Healing Childhood/Past Trauma
  • Relationship Recovery
  • Strong Identity Formation (especially for kids, teens, and young adults)
  • Management of Life Stressors/Life Transitions

The life that you imagine for yourself, the one that seems just out of your reach right now, can be yours. Don’t give up on that life, sis. You can heal.

You do not have to do this alone. We are in this together.

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If You're Ready to....

• Establish and maintain boundaries that won’t be stepped on

• Expect and receive nothing less than full-out love in your relationships

• Finally, fight fair with your partner

• Pinpoint and redesign thought patterns that had kept you bound

• Feel understood and heard

• Adopt soulful self-care habits

• Create work/life balance

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Vision Works Counseling & Coaching

Vision Works Counseling & Coaching