Meet the Team

Melisa Alaba, CEO

Breakthrough Coach and therapist

I’m Melisa Alaba.

CEO of Vision Works Coaching and Counseling, Breakthrough Coach, Speaker, Published Author, Creator of the B’HEALED transformation process, Mama, and chocolate lover. I’m a licensed counselor with a Masters in Psychology from Roosevelt University, and a Life and Happiness Coach.

My book – Live Out Loud: 52 Ways to Reawaken Your Spirit and Live a Life of Purpose – was featured in the movie 72 Hours.

My advice has been featured in Ebony Magazine, Ebony online, Parents Magazine, Redbook, ABC online.

And I’ve made live appearances on Fox News and CBS as well as given talks at countless events.

For the past 20 years I’ve coached over a thousand women of color to work through deep trauma, heal their wounds, have life-changing breakthroughs, and get to their next level.

I’m also a cancer survivor.

I’ve been through a painful divorce.

And I’ve been a single mom.

So you could say I know a little something about having success… AND being resilient under fire.

As I took the time to work on ME, I learned the tools and structures that were helpful (and which ones were just “blah”). I made a courageous decision to expand, and not contract, in the face of these life circumstances.

I started to build my own system for personal transformation… the B’HEALED process (which stands for “Beautiful. Have an Extraordinarily. Awesome. Life. Every. Day.”).

And I realized that these were the exact methods my clients needed to get through all the issues plaguing them…

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of self care practices
  • Lack of true love and frustration with dating
  • Relationship drama
  • Imposter syndrome around money – scared to loose it or feeling unworthy of earning more
  • Fear about becoming more visible with professional growth
  • Spiritual growth and maturity (consistency in practices)
  • Feeling like your life was out of control

Sound familiar, Beautiful?

I’m a professional therapist and life coach, but even I couldn’t do the work alone. I had to ask for help. This is when I learned that a doctor can’t operate on themselves. It's okay to get support, sis.

Asking for help is hard for black women. Hell, all women!

But when you’re ready to lay your cape down and get the support you need, I’m here for you.

I guide women like you to get your rhythm back. And have…

  • More love
  • More laughter
  • More abundance
  • More fun
  • More discoveries

You may not feel super powerful today. Or radiant and full of vitality. Or worthy of a healthy, intimate relationship. Or satisfied with your business and income.

But TOGETHER we can co-create new rituals that feed your spirit and pave the way for the love, success, balance, health and abundance that’s waiting for you.

You are worth it.

Let’s make it happen!

How may I work with you? You may be wondering.

I currently see a limited amount of clients individually.


I am cooking up some magic for the Soulful Sister Circle (opening January 2021)

Book an 15 minute consult to see which option is best for you here:

Latasha Billingslea
Marriage Therapist

I’m LaTasha Billingslea.

Marriage and Family Therapist. Clinical Director. Traveler. Avid reader.

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Georgia State University and Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Mercer University School of Medicine.

Every couple hits a rough patch. (If you haven’t yet, just wait… it’s coming!) And I’m here to help partners come back together to recreate that love, joy and trust.

For over 12 years I’ve worked with couples and families to heal all kinds of issues:

  • Marital conflict
  • Poor communication
  • Partners with mental health conditions
  • Blended family issues
  • Infidelity
  • Old family secrets

I specialize in guiding couples to communicate with each other, improve their parenting, work through sexual struggles, get on the same page on money and finances, manage household expectations and duties, and spice things up when the spark has died out.

And I teach folks how to fight fair.

Because conflict is inevitable, and when couples can see disagreements as opportunities for growth, they can work together, and each get what they need.

So, how’s your relationship these days?

Whether you’re newly married and seeing some tension bubble up, or in a decades-long partnership where the passion is gone, I’m here to help.

I create a safe space for my clients and teach practical tools and techniques so that you can understand yourself and your partner better.

With my guidance you learn how to understand your spouse’s value in a brand new way, and learn how you complement each other.

I work on a foundational level, getting at the root of all conflict and uncovering hidden beliefs, so that you can fix the broken communication patterns and create new dynamics based in love and mutual respect.

Using Gottman principles we go through a process that allows transformation in your relationships.

Give your marriage the love it deserves.

You can get back on solid ground again. And I’m here to show you how.

Contact me to book an appointment.


1343 Terrell Mill Road, Suite 228,
Marietta, GE 30067
(770) 235-4187

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