Boosting Intimacy During Quarantine – A Guide For Couples Searching for Their Spark

If you’re reading this in your pajamas while quietly seething about the fact your partner has barely noticed you today, you’re in company. Or perhaps you’re here because you know you’re not offering the same affection and level of intimacy you usually would to your partner right now. Quarantine, lockdown, and virus control. None of these words are particularly sexy...[ read more ]

7 Reasons Why Your Self-Care Regimen Is Not Working

“Self-care” has become the new buzzword for putting yourself first. However, the problem is that many people equate self-care to things like getting their hair done, sitting for a mani-pedi or relaxing during that incredibly special massage. The truth is self-care is a collection of rituals that must be done on the regular to give you that invigorated feeling you...[ read more ]

Life Coaching

One of the most misunderstood – but growing – professions today is that of a life coach. We see life coaches on reality shows and talk shows, helping folks figure their stuff out. We are prone to wondering how a life coach can help us, too. And which one do I choose? These are questions I often get in my...[ read more ]

Vision Board 2020

5 keys to transforming your life using a Vision Board Many people first heard of vision boards when the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne became popular several years ago. I have been using some form of Vision boards since 2001. Designing your dream life by using Vision Boards has become a mainstream idea over the years. Vision boards are...[ read more ]

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